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“He can swing, and his work shows intelligence, in solos and accompaniment. The group has the power to excite; there is assured love of playing.” –Ira Gitler, Down Beat

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“Mr. Arnold’s drumming has roots in the be-bop of Kenny Clarke and Max Roach. But he has adapted be-bop drumming to the styles that followed be-bop, retaining lightness and economy while investigating a more open-ended music. Mr. Arnold an Elegant and Translucent drummer was the most thoughtful soloist.” –Jon Pareles, New York Times

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“Mr. Arnold on drums was imaginatively responsible…in range of variety and background, and Mr. [Calvin] Hill with solos that were reflective of his [Mr. Arnold’s] direction.” –John S. Wilson, New York Times

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“Last night a quartet came together that bears watching…The opening piece “Moments Notice” was notable for a marathon statement by Alex Foster (tenor) and the straight ahead drumming of Horacee Arnold.” –Royal Stokes, Washington Post

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“Like an alchemist Horacee Arnold exhibits the ability to transform rhythm into emotional ideas based on the resolution of time. He continues to be an elegant and translucent performer of the highest order. As percussionist, composer, arranger, painter, he has perfected and integrated his arts on many professional levels. His work is often metaphorical and [...]

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Game-Changing Moment   Max Roach came to town one day (Louisville, KY 1960) and Horacee went to the show Max invited him to rehearsal the next day to sit in with the band! Max befriended Horacee and invited him to New York. The following year he spent the summer under the tutelage of Max!

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Bud Powell Trio

In 1964 Horacee had the distinct opportunity to join the legendary Bud Powell Trio opening at the famous Birdland jazz club. An experience he calls "The most spectacular point in his career ". I found it difficult to believe music could reach that level of excellence in many ways, indescribable.  I have been hoping [...]

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